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Published 16th September 2019 by RSM New Zealand Group

Make the most of the new RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Tax Incentive Program (R&D)

New Zealand’s recently introduced R&D Tax Incentive program offers some of the most generous
R&D funding benefits available across Asia Pacific. 

This tax incentive program will play a major role over the next 10 years in lifting New Zealand business R&D spend to an ambitious 2% of GDP (up from 0.63%) by the year 2030. It will also assist in countering the phasing out of the existing Callaghan Innovation Growth Grants due to end on 31 March 2021.

Published 25th February 2019 by nsaTax Limited

The much-anticipated final report of the Tax Working Group (TWG) was released on 21 February and, unsurprisingly, recommended the introduction of a broad-based, realised capital gains tax regime. The Final Report is substantial at two volumes and 206 pages, 94 of which are dedicated to a discussion on a capital gains tax (CGT) regime.

Whilst there are some changes from the Interim Report released last September, the recommendations are substantially the same as those contained in that report. Interestingly, only eight out of eleven of the TWG members support the introduction of a comprehensive CGT regime.

Published 4th December 2018 by Anonymous

In his speech at the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand tax conference, the Minister of Revenue announced proposed new rules for GST on low-value imported goods.

Published 4th December 2018 by Anonymous

Many of your business expenses can be offset against your business income to help reduce your tax bill.

Published 4th December 2018 by Anonymous

Most businesses serving food, in one way or another, were supposed to have registered under the Food Act before 31 March 2018.

Published 4th December 2018 by Anonymous

There’s more information on all these points below, but if you’re short on time, here’s a summary:•You need to pay tax on all your jobs.

Published 3rd December 2018 by Anonymous

ACC levies are separate from general tax, and cover the cost of injuries caused by accidents.

Published 19th June 2018 by RSM New Zealand Group

The regional fuel tax will be collected at the distribution level, so will not directly affect our clients from the point of view of administration.Initially the tax will apply in the Auckland region but will be...

Published 19th June 2018 by RSM New Zealand Group

Non-monetary gifts to employees are likely to be “unclassified fringe benefits”, or UFB, under tax law.Each employee is entitled to receive up to $300, including GST, worth of gifts per quarter, provided the total...

Published 18th May 2018 by RSM New Zealand Group

The new rules only apply from the date ofenactment of the Bill which is expected tobe passed in March 2018.