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Issue 60   September 2017   Are you busy?, Trusts with only a family home, Avoid the bad payers, PAYE salaries for company owners, Users and abusers of our time, Change to trustee law, Imputation credit account, GST deposits, Need to register for GST?, GST Traps - real estate, LogbookMe and fleet NZ Limited, Take time out to 'think', Are you making these 9 business mistakes?, Changes to use of money interest (UOMI) safe harbour threshold, Finding the best app.
Issue 59   June 2017   FBT on work vehicles, Business use of home, Tax calendar, IRD list of approved providers to store electronic files offshore, Windows 10 tips and tricks, Foreign trusts with a NZ Resident trustee, Tax relief Coromandel District, How to win the email war, Never make judgements about potential clients, The brilliance of F1, Keeping a log book made easy, Money laundering hits accountants, Try a password manager, Low interest rates not so good, Danger in cashing up when company sells
Issue 58   March 2017   Maximising your property investment, Directors key responsibilities, Minimum wage increase, Tax calendar, Motor vehicle expenditure of close companies, Retrospective adjustment to salaries, Beware of the debt collector, Shareholders and partners agreements, Deducting tax from payments to a contractor, Cross border finance, Overseas student loan interest exemption, Foreign Income reminder, Big changes to PAYE on the way, Save data even with cloud accounting, The worth of a business, Value trading stock
Issue 57   December 2016   7 ways to help your family business succeed, The importance of good customer communication strategies, Chose your internet service provider with care, How much rent should I charge, Self correction of minor errors, New way to calculate mileage rates, Contractors to labour hire firms, Computer backups, 90 day trial periods - the devils in the detail, Always check your ACC account, How to reduce bad debts, Trustees need to minute their decisions, Some contractors to choose their own tax rate, Cyber-security, Get the right flight.
Issue 56   September 2016
  She did what? #oops, Read every word of insurance policies, Keeping an eye on your team's moral, Key person cover - is your business vulnerable, Fraud, Being a trustee carries responsibilities, Tax calendar, Shareholder / Employees, Debt forgiveness, Maximising your property investment
Issue 55   June 2016   Work/life Balance, The Early Quote likely to get the worm, 7 ways to get results from your team meetings, Keep in touch, Use of money interest (UOMI), How to improve your relationship with your managed service provider, Make a will to avoid heartache for your spouse, Pay your PAYE or go to jail, 3 elements of a gift, Accountants get in behind DBOY
Issue 54   March 2016   Free Health & Safety Training, New rates announced, Prep for tax time and avoid last minute panic, Update on UK & OZ pension transfers to NZ, 2015 Mileage rate for motor vehicles, How well do you know your competitors, Changes to property tax rules, Let staff take risks, Travel in comfort, Trustees and IRD, Got a bad debt looming, Tax Calendar, 10 essential steps to protect your data, Advertising for Profit

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